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Write for STIGMAMA – the site dedicated to exposing the lived experience of stigma of mental illness in motherhood. Why write for STIGMAMA? The world needs to learn about the nature of stigma that ‘mentally fluid’ mothers endure. The workplace, home, friends, doctors, neighbors, school systems, legal systems…every aspect of life is scrutinized and judged. This is where you can be you. All of you.

Confidentiality: I am the only Administrator on this site and all entries are confidential. Comments on posts are moderated by me, and no disparaging remarks are allowed. One of the missions of this site is to provide a safe space for self-expression. I uphold strictly enforced administrative policies. In other words, I don’t put up with crap from commenters.

All entries welcomed. Pseudonyms supported upon request.

Essay, poetry, personal story, research reflections, popular culture criticism, photography, music, art, ideas, quotes, humor, videos.

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